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Your story matters. Your why could change the world.

East + Lake is a brand identity and design studio located on the seacoast of Vacationland. Lead by Creative Director, Reilly Burke, the goal of our studio is to create brands that drive authentic connection between you and your ideal audience. A bond that communicates your why while inspiring, informing, and engaging your people.

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That attitude is everything. 

The energy you put out into the world and into your business is a direct reflection of what will come out of it. When you show up with a grateful heart and a willingness to tackle the hard stuff with positivity, you receive the benefits and the lessons of the journey, while also the reward that was waiting for you.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Starting a business, developing a brand, it's tough stuff. It's easy to get overwhelmed with long-term goals and frustrated by daily set-backs. At East + Lake, we truly believe that you're exactly where you're meant to be. And we can't wait to see where you're going.

It takes a village.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, disheartened or confused on how everyone else does it - remember, it takes a village. There is power in numbers and when we realize we can't do it all alone, life gets so much sweeter. We're here to help. 

There is no such
thing as coincidence.

The passion you have, the idea you want to pursue, the story on your heart is
there because it's meant to be told, and we'd love to help you tell it. When the stars seem to align in your favor, that's because they actually are. You were put here to
do great things, even if you don't believe it yet.

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The look and feel of your brand should match the quality of your message.

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The leg work, the nitty gritty.
The backbone of your Five Why's. 


We care less about likes and more about loves.

From concept to deliverable, your vision brought to life in forms you can use to inspire and grow.


swot analysis
pitch/sales deck creation 
mission statement 
business name creation

menu design

 social audit
Engagement strategies
content creation

Hi, I'm Reilly.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, I now reside in Maine with my husband and our three dogs. When I'm not  building brands you can find me creating recipes or bringing our 1848 colonial back to life.

No matter how you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, I'm glad you're here. 


"Reilly's creativity, thoughtfulness and attention to detail make the process of developing branding, logos and promotional materials fun and exciting. Most recently she helped us to create a logo and branded materials for the launch of our Schenectady Ale Trail passport. There were a lot of important considerations for this project -- beyond creating something that complemented our overarching brand for our organization, we also asked her to incorporate the vision and ideas of representatives from the 6 breweries that comprise the trail. Reilly was able to find the perfect balance and develop a finished product that everyone was absolutely thrilled with!" 

becky daniels of discover schenectady:

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"Reilly hit the nail on the head with our recent brand audit. I had tons of ideas for my rebrand, but it was really helpful to have her eyes on my business and all that needed to happen to create a seamless transition across all of our web and social media platforms. I love love loved her suggestions and her audit got me excited about doing the work to implement them!"

Jen obermier of the pro organizer studio:


oh stop it, we're blushing

Reilly Burke came into our lives about four years ago, just as our new company was forming. Reilly quickly and powerfully brought a heart and soul to our company; we say she brought us to life. Reilly has an innate ability to bring a look, feel and personality to a company through the strategic questions she asks and the rich business/market knowledge she possesses. Reilly is much more than a graphic designer (with unparalleled skills and creativity), she is a strategic artist capable of taking a company to new heights. We, at Alchemy, value Reilly as an artist, strategist, resource, courageous entrepreneur and creator! 

Allison Wik of the alchemy group:

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